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  • A cat cannot see directly under its nose. This is why the cat cannot seem to find tidbits on the floor.

  • The gene in cats that causes the orange coat color is sexed linked, and is on the X sex chromosome. This gene may display orange or black. Thus, as female cat with two X chromosomes may have orange and black colors in its coat. A male, with only one X chromosome, can have only orange or black, not both.

  • If a male cat is both orange and black it is ( besides being extremely rare ) sterile. To have both the orange and the black coat colors, the male cat must have all or part of both female X chromosomes. This unusual sex chromosome combination will render the male cat sterile.

  • Cats have AB blood groups just like people.

  • A form of AIDS exists in cats.

  • If you take kitten away from its mother before it is 8 weeks old, she may not have enough time to train it properly to use a litter box.

  • A healthy kitten has clear, bright eyes and clean ears.

  • A happy cat carries its tail upright, while a nervous one holds it down low. When a cat fluffs out its tail, it is to appear larger and scare off whatever is frightening it.

  • If your cat hides and then runs out and pounces on you, she is acting out her instinctive hunting ritual.

  • Cats act reserved because their ancestors hunted and lived alone. They did not live in packs and therefore depend less on others.

  • Cats' eyes don't glow in the dark; they only reflect light.

  • In relation to body size, a cat's eyes are bigger than most mammals.

  • Siamese coat color and crossed eyes may be caused by the same gene.

  • The color of the points in Siamese cats is heat related. Cool areas are darker.

  • Siamese kittens are born white because of the heat inside the mother's uterus before birth. This heat keeps the kittens' hair from darkening on the points.

  • There are many myths about cats. Check this page to see some of them discussed, and to find out the true facts.

  • Though rare, cats can contract canine heart worms.

  • People who are allergic to cats are actually allergic to cat saliva or to cat dander. If the resident cat is bathed regularly the allergic people tolerate it better.

  • Studies now show that the allergen in cats is related to their scent glands. Cats have scent glands on their faces and at the base of their tails. Entire male cats generate the most scent. If this secretion from the scent glands is the allergen, allergic people should tolerate spayed female cats the best.

  • Cats lick people as a sign of affection.

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