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  • Cats have the best vision and in the dark their eyes become more like "Ears", the reason being that their pupils can pick up acoustic vibrations.

  • Cats have the ability to see color.

  • Cats are able to hear sounds that move faster than 45,000 hertz. They could hear the sound of a bat.

  • Kittens when they are born have closed ear canals that don't begin to open for nine to ten days.

  • When a kitten is born they are unable to hunt as this must be taught to them by their mothers.

  • The average cat food meal is equivalent to five medium-size mice.

  • Cats are unable to eat many things such as Chocolate, Tylenol, avocado, poinsettia, lily-of-the-valley, and morning glory are all poisonous and sometimes deadly to cats.

  • Cats can taste sweet things.

  • A can't will not eat its food if is unable to smell it. The cat has 17 million nerve cells in its nose, which are used to trace smells around its environment.

  • The indoor cat has a longer life span than an outdoor cat.

  • A one year old cat is equivalent to an 18 year old human.

  • Cats are able to find their way home using the magnetic fieldon earth, the sun, and their own biological clocks.

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