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    Cat Quotes Page 24

  • I have seen
    How the cat trembles
    while sleeping
    The night runs over him
    like dark water
    - Pablo Neruda

  • My cat has got no name
    We simply call him Cat;
    He doesn't seem to blame
    Anyone for that.

    For he is not like us
    Who often, I'm afraid,
    Kick up quite a fuss
    If our names are mislaid.
    - Vernon Scannell

  • The problem with cats is that they get the exact same look on their face whether they see a moth or an ax-murderer. - Paula Poundstone

  • Cats are absolute individuals, with their own ideas about everything, including the people they own. - John Dingman

  • It is easy to understand why the rabble dislike cats. A cat is beautiful; it suggests ideas of luxury cleanliness, voluptuous pleasures. - Charles Baudelaire

  • When a Cat adopts you there is nothing to be done about it except to put up with it and wait until the wind changes. - T. S. Eliot

  • Living with a cat is like being married to a career woman who can take domesticity or let it alone, so you'd better be nice to her. - Margaret Cooper Gay

  • Cats seldom make mistakes, and they never make the same mistake twice. - Carl Van Vechten

  • As soon as they're out of your sight, you are out of their mind. - Walter de la Mare

  • All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others. - George Orwell

  • Because his long, white whiskers tickled, I began every day laughing. - Janet F. Faure

  • Those who'll play with cats must expect to be scratched. - Miguel de Cervantes

  • Everything that moves serves to interest and amuse a cat. He is convinced that nature is busying herself with his diversion; he can conceive of no other purpose in the universe. - F. A. Paradis de Moncrif

  • We quickly discovered that two kittens were much more fun than one. - Allen Lucy

  • Cats are only human, they have their faults. - Kingsley Amis

  • A sleeping cat is ever alert. - Fred Schwah

  • A mouse in the paws is worth two in the pantry. - Louis Wain

    Cat Quotes Page 25

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