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    The Third Earl of Southampton
    He had a cat Trixie who when he was imprisoned in the Tower of London climbed down the chimney to her master's cell and stayed with him till his release 2 years later.

    Harold Wilson
    He and his wife were such great lovers of there cat Nemo that when they went on vacation they only went as far as the Scilly Islands as they did not want to quarantine there cat.

    George Washington
    Was such a lover of cats but because the White House was not ready for him and his wife the cats never saw the inside.

    William McKinley
    He and his wife were owners of the first longhaired cat int he White House known as "Ida's Cat". Later on she was called "Ida's Mamma Cat" as she had a litter of kittens.

    Woodrow Wilson
    Owned a white cat with golden eyes.

    Calvin Coolidge
    He was the owner of 3 cats there names were Blackie, Tiger and Bounder. He also owned many other animals such as pigmy hippo, a bear, and a bobcat.

    Caroline Kennedy
    She had a pet cat Tom Kitten who only stayed with the family in the White House for 2 years as he passed away.

    Susan Ford
    Had a Siamese cat Called Chan who stayed int the White House until a new Siamese cat turned up.

    Chelsea Clinton
    Her cat is a black and white cat which she adopted and named Socks. Socks's diary was published in 1993 and he has his own fan club and home page on the WorldWide Web.

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