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Cat Poetry

    Gray Thrums

    Which is the cosiest voice,
    The piping droning noise
    When the kettle hums,
    Or this little old-fashioned wheel
    Spinning gray thrums?

    Gray thrums! What wheel, you ask,
    Turns at such pleasant task
    With a soft whirr?
    Why, the one in pussy's throat
    That makes her purr.

    Listen the rippling sound,
    And think how round and round
    The spindle goes,
    As the drowsy thread she spins
    Drowsily grows.

    What will she do with it
    When it is finished? Knit
    Some mittens new?
    Or shuttle it, and weave cloth
    As weavers do?

    A funny idea that,
    A spinning wheel in a cat!
    Yet how it hums!
    Our puss is gray, so of course
    She spins gray thrums.

    Clara Doty Bates

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