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Cat Poetry

    Lickety, Splickety, and the Old Tom Cat

    Lickety, splickety, very pernickety
    Mrs. O'Connolly hustles along on her
    Rickety bicycle, cold as an icicle,
    Treadalling pedalling meddling on!

    And the old
    tom cat
    stretches slowly
    by the fire.

    What can the matter be, Mrs. O'Rafferty
    Falling all over herself in her worry to
    Get to the baker and pick out a cake for a

    And the old
    tom cat
    pads slowly
    up the stairs.

    Oh what calamity, Mrs. O'Flamity
    Falls out the window on top of a barrow -
    it tumbles and jumbles up Mrs. O'Connolly -
    Mrs. O'Rafferty slips down a narrow
    Gap down by the gutter and falls in a pothole.
    Oh mercy! The poor silly thing is in agony!
    Mrs. O'Connolly's under a jag! Any
    witnesses please to the dreadful calamity
    Come to the Polis and please bring a bottle!

    And the old
    tom cat
    rolls over, smiles, and sleeps.

    Author Unknown

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