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Cat Facts

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  • If you have to break up a cat fight use a broom to separate them.

  • Cats land on their feet because they have a flexible spine.

  • Cats are attracted to the cave-like appeal of a clothes dryer. Always look inside before closing the door.

  • Most lively, active kittens grow up to be friendly, outgoing cats.

  • One female cat can give birth to as many as 420 kittens in her lifetime, amd each of those kittens can do the same after reaching maturity.

  • Cats sometimes have a hard time accepting a new cat because cats don't usually crave companionship in quite the same way a dog does.

  • Never let your cat use an old chair for scrathcing. Cats don't know the difference between old and new. Fabric-covered scratching posts even confuse some cats.

  • If your cat gets trapped in a tree, put an open can of her/his favorite food at the bottom of the tree and go inside. Most cats will find their way down within a few hours.

  • A cat's night vision is six times better a human's.

  • A cat retracts its claws by flexing its toes. This protects their sharpness and lets him walk quietly when stalking prey.

  • Cats have a vomeronasal organ behind their front teeth that heightens their sense of smell.

  • Cats born without tails genetically have a shorter spine and longer rear legs than other cats.

  • Most deaf cats do not meow.

  • Although milk is okay for kittens, it is not easy for an adult cat to digest. Cottage cheese and yoghurt can be more easily digested.

  • Cats eat grass to keep their digestive systems clean. The regurgitation brings up hair and other irritants.

  • A helthy cat's nose is cool.

  • Cats don't scratch furniture to get attention, they scratch to groom their claws.

  • When a cat swishes its tail back and forth, she's concentrating on somthing; if her tail starts moving faster, she has become annoyed.

  • Cats rub to mark ownership. They have glands on their lips as well as at the base of the tail just so they can mark their territory.

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