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Cat Facts

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  • Only a mother cat should pick a cat up by the scruff of the neck.

  • Brushing your cat daily will cut down on hairballs.

  • A cat is but a small lion who socializes with humans.

  • Multi-colored male cats are very rare. For every 3,000 tortoiseshell or calico cats born, only one will be male.

  • Most cats do not like to be held by the shoulders with their hind legs swinging loose.

  • A cat's whiskers are actually sensory organs that provide feedback on how near objects are.

  • In England, the government owns thousands of cats. Their job is to help keep the buildings free of rodents.

  • Cats knead you lap because they're happy.

  • If you do not respond when your cat talks to you, it will soon lose the urge to communicate with you.

  • Some cats, males in particular, develop health problems if fed dry food exclusively.

  • A little vegetable oil daily will help to prevent fur-balls and bring a shine to your cat's coat.

  • Cats can rotate each ear independently, so they can hear noises from two directions at once.

  • Cuddle your cat.

  • The Cat family includes about 39 species of cat, ranging from the tiger to the domestic cat. Agile, athletic predators, all of them are excellent hunters. They combine speed and strength with a highly developed sense of sight and hearing.

  • Australia and Antarctica are the only continents which have no native cat species. It is believed cats were living in parts of Australia before European settlement, possibly escapees from shipwrecks or traders' boats where they had been employed to catch rats.

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