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Cat Jokes Page 2

    Q: Which foods definitely don't mix?
    A: A hot dog and Catsup.

    Q: When does the weather go splash! splash! meow! woof?
    A: When it's raining cats and dogs.

    Q: Why did the dog and cat go toot! toot?
    A: They were trumpets.

    Q: Why did the cat like to go bowling?
    A: He was an alley cat.

    Q: What do alien cats like to have for breakfast?
    A: A flying saucer of milk.

    Q: What do submarine cats use to see underwater?
    A: A purriscope.

    Q: What do English cats drink in the afternoon?
    A: Kit-tea.

    Q: Why did Mrs. Cat go to the beauty parlor?
    A: She wanted to get a purrmanent.

    Q: What do you use to spell "cat?"
    A: Kitty letters.

    Q: Why did everyone like Tom Cat?
    A: He was very purrsonable.

    Q: How do you call a barber cat?
    A: Yell..."Hair Kitty?"

    Q: Why was the baby kitten so irritable?
    A: It needed a cat nap.

    Q: What kind of cat goes boom! boom?
    A: A tom tom cat.

    Q: Where did the lonely cat run an ad?
    A: In the purrsonal column of the newspaper.

    Q: What grows in a marsh and meows?
    A: Cattails.

    Q: Where did Abe Lincoln's kitten live?
    A: In a cat-a-log cabin.

    Q: Why was the kitten shivering?
    A: It was catnippy out.

    Q: Where did the kittens go on their class trip?
    A: To a mewseum.

    Q: Have your heard the joke about the cat on the roof?
    A: Never mind. It's over your head!

    Q: Why did the cat want to become a nurse?
    A: She wanted to be a first-aid kit!

    Q: What kind of cat had eight legs?
    A: An octo-puss!

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