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    Swiss Artist Theophile Steinlen
    Swiss artist Theophile steinlen's Paris home was known as 'catscorner' because of the large number of the former reproduced on a variety of articles.

    T.S. Elliot
    The Nobel Prize-winning British poet, playwright, and cat lover, T.S. Eliot, wrote an entire book of poems about cats. His Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats was set to music by Andrew Lloyd Weber and became the long-running musical, Cats.

    Theodore Roosevelt
    Theodore Roosevelt had a cat named Slippers, a grey/blue cat. Slippers had a disease, which resulted in him having more than 5 toes on his feet.

    Vanna White
    World-famous letter turner, Vanna White, owns two cats that she mentions frequently on Wheel of Fortune.

    Victor Hugo
    Victor Hugo, considered the greatest author in the history of French literature, wrote fondly in his diary about his cats.

    William Wordsworth
    Famous for writing these poems about cats:- The kitten and the Falling Leaves, Kittens! Kittens!, Loving and Liking, See the kitten on the Wall.

    Anatole France
    Famous cat lover.

    Famous cat lover, had a cat that he played with.

    Lord Byron
    Famous cat lover as well as other animals such as dogs, monkeys, eagle, crow, falcon.

    Charles Baudelaire
    Famous cat writer who wrote cats.

    The Brontes
    Famous cat lovers.

    Jeremy Bentham
    Famous British Economist who was famous for his theory on Utilitarianism, was a cat lover.

    Samuel Butler
    Famous writer who loved cats.

    Henry James
    Lover of cats.

    Christina Applegate
    The actress has two black cats named Natasha and Jesse.

    Julie Brown
    She has two cats originally named Rum and Coke later renamed Vodka and Tonic.

    Regis Philbin
    He owns a persian cat.

    The Simpsons
    Even a cartoon family needs a cat this family had Snowball I and Snowball II.

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