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    Martha Stewart
    Is the owner of 6 cats, two of which are named Teeny and Weeny.

    Patrick Stewart
    Even though he may play villians is a true softy and has a female cat.

    Jonathon Taylor Thomas
    He owns 2 cats a Himalayan called Samantha and her son Simba.

    Lewis Carroll
    A catlover who created the Cheshire Cat.

    Harriet Beecher Stowe
    Author who befriended a cat she called Calvin.

    Carl Van Vetchen
    American Novelist owned an orange Persian called Ariel.

    Mark Lindsay
    Former lead singer of the group Paul Revere and the Raiders has a cat Sparky who travels with him and his wife between there two homes.

    Ric Ocasek
    Singer-songwriter and former member of the Cars, leaves his tv on 24 hours a day so that his cats can feel at home.

    Domenico Scarlatti
    The Italian composer owned a cat Pulcinella.

    Matthew Arnold
    Poet who had a cat named Matthias and a persian cat called Atossa.

    Pierre Loti
    the pseudonym of Louis-Marie-Julien Viaud. A great cat lover who loved his pets. Is portayed in a painting standing behind a tabby.

    Dorothy L. Sayers
    Poet who wrote two poems for her cat Timothy.

    Ron Brown
    A great lover of his cat canceled an air flight as his wife and cat were unable to fit on the flight with him. He booked a later flight even though he was already late.

    Charles de Gaulle
    French general owned a Chartreux cat.

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